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General Equipments

Apron Hanging with West Apron Cabinet

Multipurpose Apron Hanging with West Apron Cabinet

2 Lockers with Top Tapper Type

Instruments Storage Cabinet

16 Lockers

Multipurpose Cabinet

Multipurpose Lockers

Apron with shoe Lockers

3 Shelves Cabinet

Multipurpose Cabinet

Apron Locker

West Apron Cabinet

Apron Cabinet

Apron Hanging with West Apron Cabinet

Apron Hanging Cabinet with Under Shelves

Powder Coated Lockers

Two Door Lab Modular

Single Drawer Lab Modular

Two Drawer Lab Modular

Three Drawer Lab Modular

Without Drawer Lab Modular

Single Sink Lab Modular

Two Sink Lab Modular


Wall Modular Cabinet

Sink Unit Close Type

3 Drawer Lab Modular

Corner Lab Modular

Sink Unit

Single Sink Unit For Washing Area


Step Bench

S Type Cross Over Bench With Shoe Rack

S Type Cross Over Bench Without Leg

Cross Over Bench Front / Back Half Portion Close

E Type Cross Over Bench

SS Table

SS Table

S.S Bench

Petri dish Stand

Key Box



Used Garment Trolley

West Bin With Trolley

Wire Mesh Trolley

Perforated table

Multipurpose Trolley

SS Rack

3 Shelves Rack

3 Shelves Trolley

5 Shelves Food Trolley

2 Shelves Storage Table

Animal Case

Animal Cage For Dog

Animal Case

SS Trolley For Labling

Laundry Trolley

Linen Trolley

Apron Hanging Stand

Dust Bin

Soap Dispenser With Stand

Apron Hanging Cabinet With Under Shelve

Oil Can