Stainless Steel Trolley Manufacturer


K J Pharma Tech is the leading manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of stainless steel trolleys in Baroda, India. We are comprehensively engaged in the production and supplying of this equipment in various dimensions and sizes as per the given specifications of industries. The trolleys we manufacture and sell are obtained from premium grade stainless steel material which never corrodes. These trolleys are used in a wide range of hospitals and pharmacies and clinical laboratories for carrying pharma equipment or medicinal produces.

We have special facilities installed in our manufacturing unit which enables us to design and develop the best categories of the trolley that cater to the best of consumer requisites. We never compromise in quality framing as we are using international quality standards for producing trolleys. These are easy to be carried to distant locations and operation is also smooth.

The consumer gets the use of enhanced storage capacity and it requires minimum spaces. The entire range is available for clients at reasonably low prices so do not hesitate to have bulk orders for Stainless steel trolleys as we supply them in the given time frame. For the high-class quality of tool trolleys, we are famous as leading stainless steel trolley manufacturers from India.

SS Case Trolley

SS Case Trolley

We manufacture, produce, and trade high-quality SS case Trolley that is well-known for their excellent quality and unique designs. Our customized trolleys are well-liked for their high-end qualities such as corrosion and abrasion resistance, as well as dimensional perfection. These trolleys are frequently utilized in a variety of businesses, including clinics, hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes, and other relevant health care facilities. Features: Built to last withstand heat pressures.

The features like budget-friendly price, dimensionally precise, and maintenance-free operations are reliable in bringing up huge demands from the Indian pharmaceuticals as well as present across the globe. The quality, service, and unconditional moisture retaining capacity are highly preferred by clients all across. We offer custom solutions for the offered range of SS case trolleys. These trolleys are easily adaptable and have maximum capabilities for storing equipment and therefore are in great demand. We employ premium quality stainless steel material in the fabrication which allows a shiny appearance to the trolleys.

SS Container Trolley

SS container trolley is among the offering for stainless steel trolley. We are a leading producer and seller of stainless steel container trolleys in the Indian market. These trolleys are well in use in a number of pharmaceuticals, hospitals, clinical laboratories, and various other clinical sectors. We produce the best quality equipment used in pharmaceuticals. Consumers are highly pleased with the service and support we provide for pharmaceutical equipment as we use premium quality raw materials in manufacturing. On-time delivery and far-fetched network support enables us to cater to frequent demands for SS container trolleys in the assured time frame.

The structure, ability, and service of the container trolleys we fabricate are unmatched. These trolleys are adaptable to places with ease and are used for carrying containers to places in a hospitality center. We use international quality standards and norms in the fabrication, which makes our trolleys be globally accepted by all means.

SS  Container Trolley

SS Drum Trolley

SS Drum Trolley

We are the leading SS drum trolley manufacturers in India. We manufacture and supply a broad range of these trolleys as per the given industrial requirements. Drum trolleys are available in various sizes and dimensions so consumers can have the best suited as per the requirements. We never compromise in the fabrication and have therefore used premium quality tools and techniques in the formulation to cater to the entrepreneurs the hassle free experience of carrying drum trolleys to places with the ease.

We have employed premium quality of stainless steel materials of 316 grades in the fabrication. The stainless steel structure allows the trolley to be moisture proof throughout the term life. It is compatible in use and also flexible in operation. Our producing engineers have considered the comfort requirements of users and thus have created the best range of SS drum trolleys. These trolleys are highly employed carrying drums used in pharmacies and clinical laboratories. The offering is available at cost efficient price rates and we provide timely assured deliveries for stainless steel drum trolleys in India.

SS Cleaning Trolley

We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers of SS cleaning trolley in Vadodara, India. We are expertise in the fabrication of these trolleys as per the challenging requirement of clinical sectors and hospitals. These trolleys are available in variety of sizes and style to better suit the requirements of valuable industries. These trolleys are offered with a polished finish and the premium grade of stainless steel material used in the fabrication allows the equipment to retain moisture for a long time. SS cleaning trolleys are widely recommended for mopping the floor with ease. This type of trolley is available in a various capacities so you can demand the capacities you require.

We have installed modern infrastructural facilities in our industry that enables us to fulfill bulk orders in the assured time frame.  Our fabricated SS cleaning trolleys are simple to operate. We've also added broad wheels, a winger for thread protection, buckets, and bumpers to our cleaning trolleys. They are available in customised solutions to meet the needs of end users with precision.

They come with a custom-sized locking wheel. On cleaning trolleys, you'll find all of the latest and most advanced features. They feature an extremely small, comprehensive cleaning system that can be handled with ease in conventional carts. In industries, hospitals, and pharmacies, we have a large selection of SS cleaning trolleys.

SS Cleaning Trolley

SS Pallet Truck Trolley

SS Pallet Truck Trolley

We are the leading manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of SS pallet truck trolleys in India. We are comprehensively engaged in the manufacture and supply of these trolleys in bulk quantities. This type of trolley is obtained for carrying equipment from one place to another place. These trolleys have wheels for flexible operation. We have considered strict supervision in the fabrication to ensure that premium quality trolley equipment is delivered to clients.

We have used extremely pure quality stainless steel in fabrication to give the equipment a rust-free shiny smooth finish. SS pallet truck trolley is available in different sizes and dimensions so you can have the best suiting to your requirements. Our SS pallet truck trolley is easy to store and carry. It is having a robust structure and performance.

Consumers are highly satisfied with the service and support for the stainless steel pallet truck trolley as it is available at reasonable prices. These are highly employed in pharmaceutical industries, clinical industries, and laboratories. We assure timely deliveries for the range, which has progressed rich demands from clinical sectors in abroad nations.